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Zekwande Foundation has identified three main programmes, which will be championed to support Nonspeaking Autistics. These include:

  • Access to Spelling to Communicate (S2C) Methodology
  • Nonspeaking Autism Practitioners Programme
  • The Body-Mind Disconnect Programme

It is anticipated that the above-mentioned programmes will, amongst other things lead to support in the following:

  • Adopt a Nonspeaking Autistic to enable them to access communication skills,
  • Establish a strong community of practitioners in the Nonspeaking space,
  • Buy Stencils/Boards as communication tools for Nonspeaking Autistics, and
  • Enable Nonspeakers to share the experiences of living with Autism.
Picture of Zekwande and Nicola Sowah, Zekwande’s Communication and Regulation Partner. In this picture they are using the Spelling to Communicate (S2C) Methodology.

Access to Spelling to Communicate Programme

Zekwande Foundation aims to get as many Nonspeaking Autistics in South Africa and beyond on the S2C programme to enable them to speak and express themselves in order to reach their potential.

NONSPEAKING AUTISM Practitioners Programme

This programme focuses on capacitating and equipping practitioners in South Africa and beyond to work better with Nonspeaking Autistics through improved communication.

The Body-Mind Disconnect Programme

This programme aims to support Zekwande Mathenjwa, working with other fellow Nonspeaking Autistic Advocates to reach various stakeholders in our society to explain Autism from a Nonspeaking Autism perspective by Nonspeaking Autistics.

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